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Until recently, the contemporary development of an HR-IT strategy and its successful execution seemed to be straight forward: In a nutshell, HR merely needed to streamline and harmonize processes to become more efficient. HR Transformation programs were set up, and IT lent the necessary support by implementing integrated (ERP) systems and thereby increased their efficiency by reducing system and process variants.


Today we see a very different picture. HR is under increasing pressure to “deliver value to the business”, is expected to adopt Software “as a Service” in the “Cloud” as commonplace, while improving efficiency, and yet must still counter the inherent contradiction of effectiveness and standardization. In short, a far more sophisticated approach to HRIS support is a must.

We help to Shape Innovation and  Investments to leverage and optimize Information Technology for HR

SHAPEiN Consulting focuses on strategic and conceptual HRIS support for our clients. It is the combination of HR business know-how, garnered from many client engagements, with significant HR technology insight that sets us apart. It equips us to address your organization’s specific needs in the form of independent, holistic concepts that deliver the concrete business value you demand. We ensure our clients can successfully execute their plans – celebrating delivery of the business case not simply the initial go-live of a system implementation.

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