Martin Wild

Martin is a Partner at SHAPEiN Consulting. He supports SHAPEiN´s clients in answering strategic HRIS questions and by building the right organizational model to manage talent with new technologies in HR.


Before joining SHAPEiN, Martin was a HR Consulting Manager at CEB Baumgartner. In this position he led a team of HR consultants focusing on International HR, HR strategy and HR benchmarking. In more than four years at Baumgartner, Martin was closely involved in major HR transformation and HR-IS projects and developed several benchmarking products for the company.


Martin has broad experience in Talent Management concepts, HR process redesign and organizational readiness during HR transformation programs gained consulting many major European enterprises. His former consulting focus on HR strategy and HR transformation enables him to link overall HR objectives to specific aspects of HRIS projects.


For Martin the appeal lies in overcoming the challenges faced by HR organizations today: the challenge to deliver high value-add Talent Management products via new information technologies and embed HRIS-Roadmaps into their HR strategy. Martin is convinced that today´s HR departments cannot simply renounce the strategic impact of information technologies. In future the majority of changes in HR must be closely linked to and driven by technological evolution.

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