Götz Lauffer

As a Partner at SHAPEiN Consulting, Götz supports his clients in their conceptual HRIS challenges, in the HR process design and by taking over program and project management roles for the successful implementation of their HRIS projects.


Since 1990, Götz’ career has been dedicated to IT implementations and technology consulting within the field of Human Resources. Prior to joining ShapeIn, he held various positions at leading global consulting companies, having headed German HR consulting teams for KPMG Consulting, BearingPoint and CapGemini.


Götz has deep and comprehensive experience spanning all fields of HR and Talent Management. He has managed many projects, posing varying degrees of complexity and scope, with the responsibility for complete design and implementation. His responsibilities included, but were not limited to the management of national and international teams working on HRIS transformation projects.


Götz believes that for HR organizations to become highly efficient, they must strive to continuously optimize their processes and cleverly leverage IT instruments. State-of-the-art technology is a critical success factor for the transformation to a modern HR business model, a model that must be equipped to support an organization across the full spectrum of HR needs. Only with the right set of HR-IS tools, will HR shared services be able to deliver the required and demanding level of efficiency and effectiveness.


Götz argues that if companies are to increase employer attractiveness and to gain credibility and respect for HR within the organization, then this can only be achieved by lean HR processes and intuitive HRIS instruments.

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