Andreas Kiepke

Andreas is a Partner at SHAPEiN Consulting. He supports SHAPEiN´s clients in bridging the gap between HR and IT. His focus areas are the conception and design of HRIS roadmaps and architectures and the management of complex programs and projects.


Having gained 10+ years of IT experience, Andreas jumped camp, and moved to HR, taking over responsibility for corporate HR Information Systems at the Bosch group.

With worldwide, cross-business responsibility, he successfully ran a complete life-cycle of an HRIS roadmap. Following the initial design of a global HRIS architecture for Bosch, he won buy-in and commitment from top management as a prerequisite to making the implementation happen. He then set up the project team and subsequently managed the implementation project portfolio in close coordination with the IT division.


Andreas combines his HR and IT knowledge. In his career, he has gained a broad overview and deep insight into HR processes and IT solutions, and moreover, he has learned to understand how one must act to deliver results in large complex organizations.


Recognizing the kind of IT support HR needs in a global working environment, Andreas’ goal is to implement just the right balance between corporate governance on one hand and local leeway on the other. For Andreas, one thing is clear, a global HRIS architecture will only succeed if it brings advantages to all parties involved. In a sustainable HRIS organization, a major success factor depends on having every party contribute to the overall availability of business-relevant HR information and then to make use of it.

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