Payroll Connectivity Solution

The cloud-based Software-as-a-Service approach creates new options and necessities for an organization’s HRIS landscape. Actually, well-established HRIS market sectors like HR Admin and Payroll get disrupted through innovative alternatives to existing HRIS infrastructures.


You may have decided for your organization to run your HR Admin and probably further processes with a cloud-based solution like Workday and at the same time to run a SAP HCM on-premise solution for payroll, time management or other processes. In such a scenario, a key success factor for an effective and efficient HRIS support is the question of how to connect these solution in a robust and effective way with minimal double data entries or process split disruptions.


At SHAPEiN, we know how important it is to bridge different solutions and how hard it is to shape integration architectures to get most out of the HRIS landscape.


This is why we designed with a group of major European companies a Payroll Connectivity Solution that provides an integration between Workday’s HCM solution and SAP’s on-premise HCM world.


Our deep experience in both Workday and SAP allows us to shape the integration in a manner that you are able to gain the best of both worlds.


With the SHAPEiN Solution we are able to deliver a robust and fast deployment of an optimized integration for your individual situation and are able to differentiate compared to a bespoke inhouse development with

  • Usability through Smart Case Resolution options and integrated Admin Cockpit
  • Robustness through comprehensive versioning and Audit & Compliance Support
  • Maintainability through ongoing support and future updates
  • Faster deployment through easily configurable frameworks and proven mapping templates


We help you to Shape Innovation and Investments to leverage and optimize Information Technology in HR!


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