Nolan Doesburg

Nolan is a Partner at SHAPEiN Consulting, who supports SHAPEiN’s clients realizing their HRIS roadmap. Nolan can support clients to define the HRIS Roadmap by helping them find the right organizational model in relation to their HRIS technology and play an instrumental role in the delivery of the roadmap.


Before joining SHAPEiN Nolan was a Senior Manager at Accenture in the Netherlands. In this position he was responsible for the Dutch HRIS practice, which had as focus the implementation of HRIS technology for the leading market technologies as in SAP, SuccessFactors, Workday and Oracle. Nolan managed a large group of consultants who worked internationally during this period next to himself being involved in helping clients develop their roadmaps and implementing the solutions.


Nolan has a strong IT-Strategy background, supporting several multinationals in the areas of IT design and delivery, business cases and cost efficiency, offshoring and outsourcing, and long-term planning. In combination with his experience in HR Transformation programs this enables him to bring the outmost value for his clients.


For Nolan the appeal in HRIS lies in the possibility to help HR Organizations to realize there potential to become a through business partner as they implement value-add processes and solutions based on the latest technologies. Specifically when this come as was initially designed on a roadmap and see it come to fruition in practice.

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