The SHAPEiN Approach

Based on a deep analysis of your HR strategy, business objectives and current needs, we are best equipped to assess both the opportunities and limitations of your existing technology support, consider possible alternatives and recommend best-practice approaches.


We work closely together as a team to validate our conclusions and subsequently refine and reframe your HRIS roadmap accordingly. An approach that ensures we reach our mutual objectives and that you generate sustained business value.


During the execution of the developed concepts, our priority is that both the agreed operational targets and the business value take precedence over the pure go-live of an IT solution.


Analysis – Combining experience and market insights with your needs


Take advantage of our deep technology experience to understand implicitly the scope of your opportunity and the limitations of incumbent technology, as identified by our technology experts.


Gain deep insights into today’s offerings and the gaps in the technology solutions, provided from our extensive and current market experience.


To help you structure, evaluate and shape the requirements of your organization, we share our extensive knowledge and experience garnered from client engagements across many industry sectors and regions. SAP in place or Cloud in plan? It is hard to fool us- talk to the realists.


Conclusion – Bridging the gap between HR strategy and IT support


Driven by your corporate goals, we tailor holistic and innovative, yet realistic and implementable concepts to meet your business needs.

This comprises consideration of your “as-is” situation within the context of latest market best practices and offerings.


Such concepts consist of key design elements spanning usability, workforce segmentation, regional fit, current infrastructure potential and strict delivery to your targets.


The results are solid HR technology strategies, roadmaps and HRIS programs. Programs shaped to deliver maximum and sustained business value.


Execution – Celebrating the successful business case not simply the go-live


Successful implementation is carefully monitored throughout program and project management, ensuring that all aspects are considered and the promised business impact is delivered.


Understanding the cultural change happening within your organization due to the usage of latest technology offerings, communication to business leads and ongoing encouragement and control of user acceptance are all key factors affecting the final value delivery to the business from your HRIS transformation.


We help you to measure the success of an implementation by defining performance metrics upfront and by implementing Key Performance Indicators to measure ongoing business value.

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