Why SHAPEiN Consulting

Bridging the gap between HR and IT has long been a driving passion of our people. This equips us to leverage the experience of classical HRIS usage and established HR/Talent process needs and combine this with current offerings and the value born out of latest technology developments.


We understand the whole business impact chain. This enables us to validate, justify and uphold the target outcome and design principles when the going gets tough, while still creating space for local “bottom-up” design flexibility in the projects as appropriate.


We understand the HR processes and delivery models required to shape business requirements into best practice models and to recognize “real” show stoppers – allowing selection and fast implementation of new applications delivered with content-rich best practices.


We are skilled in dealing with sensitive cultural and emotional impact and in driving cross-stakeholder commitment through project design, roll-out and continuous refinement.


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4 guiding principles that help you to implement SaaS in Talent Management successfully

While Talent Management becomes more and more a critical success factor in the competitiveness of companies, HR organizations have recognized that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provides powerful solutions for Talent Management. The new products distributed from the cloud promise to combine Talent Management best practices with the technological benefits of SaaS. Create, share, collaborate, agile information processing […]