HRIS Program Execution & Implementation

We value sustained partnerships with our clients, built on trust. We are not typical one-product-focused implementers, but we know how to empower HRIS projects to focus on business-oriented outcomes, while avoiding the pitfalls of a typical complex implementation project:

  • Miss important specifications during designing phase
  • Lose track of the target outcome whilst getting more and more into the details
  • Struggle with the complexity of parallel working project streams and comprehensive stakeholder management
  • Forget to strictly control delivery according to plan and to keep pace on Communication and Change Management efforts

SHAPEiN Consulting enables its clients to command control of the driver´s seat during implementation projects: We help you prevent risky scenarios occurring by supporting project and quality management during implementation – and to select, manage and challenge both project teams and implementation partners, both locally as well as on a global level.


How SHAPEiN Consulting helps current clients during HRIS Implementation (excerpts):


  • Functional support for key design aspects
  • Proof of HRIS concept and feasibility studies
  • Implementation partner selection
  • Program, Project and and Quality management
  • Outcome-oriented PMO support
  • Milestone check-ups

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