Our focus is the strategic and conceptual HRIS support for our clients.


We are a small but powerful consulting company, providing our clients with well-shaped solutions for their individual challenges at the beginning of an HRIS transformation, during a reframing of their HRIS roadmap and for the successful execution of their HRIS strategy.


We are not a large consulting company focusing on large sized projects only. Nor are we a dedicated implementer of a specific technology solution.


We are counting on sustained partnership with our clients to help them, if, and when they need support.


We are an organization that thrives from networks. We want to support our clients with the best expertise possible. Therefore we draw on our extensive network of experts in HRIS.


Our organization model follows a true partnership, founded and run by former Senior Executives of Accenture’s HR-IT consulting and solutions practice, HR practitioners and further HR-IT experts with long standing track records within consulting organizations and HR-IT solution providers.

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Rule of the vital few: Position Management and Workforce Segments are vital keys in managing talent.

Talent Management requires a high level of engagement from top management, business leaders and HR. In short, Talent Management, when taken seriously, demands concentrated management attention and thereby requires significant investment from the company. The principle of giving each employee an equal share is unfortunately inhibited by limited company resources. Especially in Talent Management, companies […]