Our name – synonymous with our mission!

Our name SHAPEiN Consulting is based on our 3 fields of activity:


1. HR

2. Technology

3. Innovation


There is a bi-dimensional link in our activities between these expressions.


First and foremost, our work for our clients initiates change in their HR and Technology landscape and operations, creating a client-oriented innovation. We call this process, from requirement through change to innovation, “shaping”.


And second, success in today’s business environment is more than ever driven by the right approach to innovation. Technology for HR and Talent Management is a field that is especially dependent on and sensitive to the optimum adoption and use of such innovation. We are dealing with processes that manage personal information and we are dealing with technology solutions that interact directly with a wide number of (if not all) people across the organization. Therefore, innovation is inevitable, but needs to be treated with care and given great consideration. Recognize the need to “Shape In”-novation tailored specifically to your organization, for only then can it be applied successfully.

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