Martin Braun

Martin is Managing Partner of SHAPEiN Consulting. His focus is on SHAPEiN´s business development and the support of SHAPEiN clients in strategic HR-IT activities.


Previously he held global responsibility at Accenture for technology consulting and implementation services in the field of HR IT software solutions. Martin joined Accenture following the acquisition of Pecaso, a leading global provider for SAP HCM software implementations and add-on products, where Martin was both co-founder and CEO.


Martin brings extensive experience in all aspects of technology for HR and Talent Management and has garnered excellent knowledge and hands-on experience in current HRIS trends and their implementation.


The question of, or moreover the answer to how companies can derive sustained value from an optimized usage of information technology in HR is the main driver of his professional engagement.


For Martin it is very clear what organizations need to do. Organizations need to keep pace with the current step change in HR technology offerings. This is critical if they are to improve efficiency and effectiveness of their people processes and only by making use of modern technology can they realistically increase HR’s contribution to the company’ success.

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