We help to Shape Innovation and Investments to
leverage and optimize Information Technology for HR

Doing things right with
IT in HR

Empowering HR-IT projects to deliver the targeted business outcomes and avoid the pitfalls of technology implementations.

Why Shapein

We focus on HR and IT

Bridging the gap between HR and IT is the passion of our people. It equips us to leverage HR experience with the value born out of latest IT developments.

We help you reach your plan

We are used to shape the vendors offerings to deliver concrete business value beyond the standard way – celebrating delivery of the business case, not simply the initial go-live of a system implementation.

We know how

We understand the whole HR business impact chain in an HR IT transformation. And no one can fool us in HR technology and its integration.

Making System
Integration work

Connecting your main HR IT software solutions to deliver robust and secure data and process flows.

our clients

We are proud to serve many mid to large size organizations, typically headquartered in Europe and with global reach. Our key stakeholders are HR, HR-IT, Shared Services and IT departments. We are not a large consulting company looking for large sized projects. Nor are we a dedicated implementer of a specific technology solution. Hence our clients are counting on us for a sustained and trusted partnership to help them, if, and when they need support in HR and IT.

Looking for something special ?

We master IT-driven HR challenges of many kinds and may have already found a solution for your special needs.

We are Hiring!

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