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Our name – synonymous with our mission

Our name SHAPEiN is based on our 3 fields of activity:




There is a bidimensional link in our activities between these expressions.


First and foremost, our work for our clients initiates change in their HR and Technology landscape and operations, creating a client-oriented innovation. We call this process, from requirement through change to innovation, “shaping”.


And second, success in today’s business environment is more than ever driven by the right approach to innovation. Technology for HR and Talent Management is a field that is especially dependent on and sensitive to the optimum adoption and use of such innovation. We are dealing with processes that manage personal information and we are dealing with technology solutions that interact directly with a wide number of (if not all) people across the organization. Therefore, innovation is inevitable, but needs to be treated with care and given great consideration. Recognize the need to “Shape In”-novation tailored specifically to your organization, for only then can it be applied successfully.


Privately held partnership SHAPEiN was founded and is run by former senior executives for HR or HR-IT in large management consulting and technology services companies. Team Diversity and People Our people come from a rich mix of backgrounds including leadership roles as HR practitioners and IT professionals, senior consultants and executives from leading international technology providers. Reliable Global Network We are an organization that thrives from networks. We want to support our clients with the best expertise possible. Therefore we draw on our extensive reliable network of experts in HR-IT cross the globe.


Tetyana Pirker

HR cloud solutions expert

Martin Wild

Managing Partner for SHAPEiN Consulting

Martin Braun

Martin is Managing Partner of SHAPEiN. His focus is on SHAPEiN’s business development and the support of SHAPEiN clients in strategic HR-IT activities.

Previously he held global responsibility at Accenture for technology consulting and implementation services in the field of HR IT software solutions. Martin joined Accenture following the acquisition of Pecaso, a leading global provider for SAP HCM software implementations and add-on products, where Martin was both co-founder and CEO.

Martin brings extensive experience in all aspects of technology for HR, Payroll and Talent Management and has garnered excellent knowledge and hands-on experience in current HRIS trends and their implementation.

The question of, or moreover the answer to how companies can derive sustained value from an optimized usage of information technology in HR is the main driver of his professional engagement.

For Martin it is very clear what organizations need to do to keep pace with the current step change in HR technology offerings. It is about a courageous, but not a “blind” approach to digitalization, taking into account the companies own organizational and cultural situation. This is critical if they are to improve efficiency and effectiveness of their people processes. Only through such a “wise” use of modern technology can they realistically increase HR’s contribution to the company’ success.

Tetyana Pirker

Tetyana is an HR cloud solutions expert and implementation lead at SHAPEiN Consulting. She supports SHAPEiN´s clients in rolling out global HR talent systems and by building the right support and services model to manage talent with the new HR technology.

Before joining SHAPEiN, Tetyana worked for several years in the HCM practice at Acccenture and an HR-IT niche specialist, where she developed her profound knowledge about SAP HCM, Workday and SuccessFactors. She has a master’s degree in psychology with major in HR and Organizational Management.

In more than ten years of her HR IT career, Tetyana was supporting HR transformation and HR IT projects for companies of different sizes and industries around Europe, Asia, Australia and Afrika. Working at SHAPEiN, Tetyana has been implementing HR cloud solutions as well as HRIS post go live support models for HR and Talent management, focusing on SucccessFactors, Workday and PeopleDoc. Taking over interim service manager roles on customer side, she has also experience in leading teams of solution experts focusing on the global support of implemented HRIS solutions.

Either on an implementation project or while establishing an organizational or support model for an HR technology transformation, her main business focus is to ensure the smooth collaboration between HR, IT, vendors and other parties in the project to drive its success.

Tetyana’s driver to work in the HR IT space is making the most of the combination of people’s talent and new technology: Making talent visible through the new technology to recognize and reward people’s performance. One important aspect of this is to make “HR in use” modern and fun and to invite employees to actively participate in the HR processes using intuitive apps.

Martin Wild

Martin is a shareholding Partner at SHAPEiN. He supports SHAPEiN´s clients in answering strategic HR-IS questions and by building the right organizational model to manage talent with new technologies in HR.

Before joining SHAPEiN, Martin was a HR Consulting Manager at CEB Baumgartner. In this position he led a team of HR consultants focusing on International HR, HR strategy and HR benchmarking. In more than four years at Baumgartner, Martin was closely involved in major HR transformation and HR-IS projects and developed several benchmarking products for the company.

Martin has broad experience in Talent Management concepts, HR process redesign and organizational readiness during HR transformation programs gained consulting many major European enterprises. His former consulting focus on HR strategy and HR transformation enables him to link overall HR objectives to specific aspects of HRIS projects.

For Martin the appeal lies in overcoming the challenges faced by HR organizations today: the challenge to deliver high value-add Talent Management products via new information technologies and embed HRIS-Roadmaps into their HR strategy. Martin is convinced that today´s HR departments cannot simply renounce the strategic impact of information technologies. In future the majority of changes in HR must be closely linked to and driven by technological evolution.

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