Trends & Communities

What the best companies do … and why… can be found in our closed HRIS and Payroll Benchmarking communities or in our Trend Scouting workshops. READ MORE

Peer-to-peer conversations to identify or discuss arising or persistent challenges are valuable if HRIS leadership out of comparable company environments come together in trusted and regular circles. They become even more efficient and effective, if they are supported with professional preparation and follow-ups and have the chance to include some pointed knowledge infusion.

This is exactly why we are engaged and facilitate such peer-to-peer network communities. Our members value the outcomes like

  • Understanding different perspectives on burning topics and what keeps you up at night
  • Benchmarking the own set up against the peers
  • Co-innovation activities to define critical solution approaches that are relevant for all
  • And last but not least the strong relationships between the people who know how …

Examples of closed networks driven by SHAPEiN:

  • The HRIS Community meets twice a year with selected HRIS leaders out of many of the DAX 30 organizations to discuss latest challenges and trends and how to use them.
  • The Payroll Benchmarking community consists of many large german organizations who are benchmarking their operational HR and payroll support functions to understand and increase their operational excellence.

Process & Instruments Excellence

Getting the best out of your HRIS usage, e.g. through Learning Landscape optimization, measuring Recruiting KPIs that matter or harvesting of hidden Performance Management features existing technology provides.

Carve Out , PMI & Reorg

Mastering the integration and separation of organizational units in a more and more agile world based on a proven framework and toolset for IT-driven HR aspects in your Merger or Carve Out project.